A powerful force on Capital Square Featured

12:51am EDT November 22, 2013
A powerful force on Capital Square

A long-range plan recently adopted by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Focus on the Future, includes strategies and tactics that culminate in a single goal to increase the value members receive from their Ohio Chamber investment.

The thoughts, opinions and ideas of Ohio Chamber members are incorporated into Focus on the Future through the use of surveys and focus groups. Over the years, members have urged us to continue our focus on these areas: 1) advocating for Ohio businesses, 2) educating members on legislative and regulatory issues and 3) taking a proactive approach to political involvement.

These three member-directed priorities, supported by the chamber’s mission, vision and primary goal of increasing member value, are the backbone of Focus on the Future. As this long-range plan is implemented over the next five years, Ohio Chamber members will experience an organization with the following:

  • A renewed sense of excitement and purpose.
  • Greater firepower and resources to advocate for its members.
  • An advanced technology platform to support better communications.
  • Higher quality programs, services and events.
  • A headquarters facility that meets the needs of its members and staff while appropriately reflecting the status of Ohio’s premier business organization.

The commitment and support of our members is not taken lightly. In return, we are committed to making their membership experience a high-quality one that gives back in a meaningful way.  We look forward to implementing Focus on the Future, a plan for strengthening the Ohio Chamber for tomorrow and beyond. Here’s a brief description of the plan’s major initiatives:

A powerful force on Capital Square

Building on its strong reputation the Ohio Chamber will become an even more formidable force on Capital Square. New media strategies will help improve communication with members, government officials and the public.

In addition, new committee processes, grass root and key-influencer programs will be used to help make member participation easier and more effective.

A leader on economic and business research

As our states premiere business resource and advocate, the Ohio Chamber will increase its investments in producing solid economic information that is helpful to Ohio businesses and research that informs the public policy process. 

A successful communicator

The Ohio Chamber’s multi-platform approach to communicating with our members will be enhanced by expanding social media strategies and updating our website.

Defining the chamber’s brand and improving our ability to implement public relations strategies will help build our name and image in every corner of the state.

A champion of quality membership experiences

Making sure members have a valuable and quality experience will continue to be a top priority. The number of chamber members will be increased, and even more importantly, the number of members who make a substantial investment in the work of the Ohio Chamber, our “Chamber Champions,” will be doubled over the next five years.

A sponsor of cost-effective programs, services and events

High-quality, cost-effective programs that help Ohio businesses save money will be offered and marketed statewide.

Additionally, opportunities to learn about key legislative and regulatory changes, attend events featuring business and government leaders, and network with policymakers and business colleagues will be offered in ways that facilitate effective participation.

A hub for business activity

Ohio Chamber members have access to our headquarters in downtown Columbus for chamber-sponsored events and activities, as well as member-initiated meetings.

New initiatives will help ensure ease of access to those opportunities and a physical infrastructure that supports the quality and quantity of member needs. ●


Linda Woggon is executive vice president of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. As Ohio’s largest and most diverse statewide business advocacy group, the Ohio Chamber has been an effective voice for business since 1893. To contact the Ohio Chamber, call (614) 228-4201 or visit www.ohiochamber.com.