PowerNet Global’s “Love Your Neighbor” Tablet Program was created to bring communities together and give every child an equal opportunity for a greater education. The “Love Your Neighbor” program asks businesses and churches within a local community to purchase PowerNet Global tablets and/or telecom services to help fund PowerNet Global’s school tablet program.

The program provides children that attend a participating school with a tablet for their education. The Android tablets allow kids to keep up with today’s emerging technology while having access to books, assignments, the Web and much more right at their fingertips. New tablets will be provided to the schools every two years to ensure children have the latest and greatest models. All of the old tablets are donated to children attending schools in  Namibia, Nigeria and other developing countries.

In order for the kids to get the most benefit from their tablets and sustain the program, their families are asked to purchase Wi-Fi for their homes. PowerNet Global offers multiple payment plans to fit every family’s needs to make sure the “Love Your Neighbor” program truly fills the gaps for families in need of a little extra help.

To start the program with a bang, PowerNet Global is offering all local schools the opportunity to participate in the program and take advantage of getting Wi-Fi service in their school, and providing every student with an Android tablet.

When you buy from PowerNet Global, you’re not just buying a tablet or service; you’re investing in a cause. With PowerNet Global, businesses will be  paying the same or less for the telecom services they already have today, but they’re giving back to their local community at the same time. The “Love Your Neighbor” Tablet Program gives children a powerful advantage, ensuring every child has the same opportunities, regardless of their family’s income.

About the Company

PowerNet Global provides high quality communications services to businesses and residents nationwide. Celebrating 20 years as a leader in the telecommunications industry and achievement as a multi-award winning company, PowerNet Global is a premier provider of voice, data, SIP and managed services.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, PowerNet Global was built on a foundation of strong business ethics and integrity. Offering an expanding array of progressive products, its services are supported by a consistently expanding footprint, strong network, expert sales professionals and support teams that are dedicated to providing customers with the service they really need. Clients can focus on their business and leave the details to the experts.

When you do business with PowerNet Global, you can be sure that you’re working with a true partner that cares about your success.

You can reach PowerNet Global at 866.764.7329 or www.powernetglobal.com.

Published in Cincinnati
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