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Paul Smucker Wagstaff

Paul Smucker Wagstaff

Find people who love making business deals and get to work

Stephen J. McHale

Established IT entrepreneur sets out to solve the mystery of the economy

Business Pulse

Business Pulse – September 2018

Deals aplenty in August

Dan Moore

Dan T. Moore III

Unmet needs are often the secret to making lucrative business deals

Team NEO’s Bill Koehler

Business owners willing to work the dealmaking process typically come out ahead

Chris Smyth

EY’s Chris Smyth

Value creation in the world of dealmaking often takes time to be realized

Sam Petros

Sam Petros

Good dealmakers take their vision and find a way to get it done

Cascade Partners’ Ken Marblestone

When sale prices get high, buyers need more to achieve a desired return

Peter Van Euwen

Don’t be caught unprepared

Be cautious in making plans for the money you’ll get from selling your business

Jon Park

Jon W. Park

Banker explores the diverse set of skills it takes to be an effective dealmaker

Signet’s Anthony Manna

Starting a business is one of the best ways to help a community

Beth Haas

Beth Haas

Take steps to minimize your fear of working with an outside firm to make a deal

Ronald Weinberg

Ron Weinberg

A good dealmaker is always curious, ready to pounce on the next great idea

Independence Excavating’s Victor DiGeronimo Jr.

The toughest deals often bring the greatest reward

Business Pulse

Business Pulse – August 2018

Strategy leads to success

Mitchell Schneider

Mitchell Schneider

Developer who changed Cleveland’s retail sector is learning to enjoy the fruits of his labor

McCarthy Lebit’s Kenneth B. Liffman

Dealmakers understand that doing your best isn’t always enough to close a deal

Rudy Bentlage

JPMorgan Chase’s Rudy Bentlage

Knowledge is a critical piece in the dealmaking process

Chris Valerian

SCA has its eye on $300M

Christopher Valerian came home to build a national market leader

Olympic Steel’s Michael D. Siegal

Why being a chameleon is important when buying

Jeremy Eberlein

Create a viable plan

Selling your business will likely create a need to reevaluate your personal wealth strategy

Fred Nance

Fred Nance

Top Cleveland lawyer shares his perspective on being a top-notch dealmaker

Flashstarts’ Charles Stack

A look at the right way and the wrong way to entice a potential investor

Jeffrey Kadlic

Evolution Capital Partners’ Jeffrey Kadlic

Is it time to change the rules on who can invest in private equity?

Dave O'Brien

Risk International ‘buys’ a partner

Sale to BV Investment will fuel aggressive growth plan

Stewart Kohl

How one of Cleveland’s best dealmakers got his start

Michael Feuer

Broken deals can create real hardship

Don’t dismiss the price of failure at the negotiating table

Dan Walsh

Citymark Capital’s Daniel Walsh

Real estate dealmaker on raising capital, structuring deals and what Cleveland needs

Howard W. “Hoby” Hanna IV

Dealmaking plays critical role in growth of Howard Hanna

Brent Pietrafese

Calfee’s Brent Pietrafese

‘Pass-the-hat’ deals come with risks and rewards

John Zak

XaTek raises $9M in under 90 days

CEO Zak says firm has cash it needs to get new med device to market

Ancora’s Fred DiSanto

This dealmaker puts great value in a trusted confidant

Business Pulse

Business Pulse – July 2018

Time to sell the family business?

Len Pagon

Len Pagon Jr.

How a failed deal led to a better price for Brulant

PWC Group’s Ansir Junaid

How a clear road map speeds up deals

Tony Mazzella

Mazzella Cos.’ Tony Mazzella

Don’t let deal size dictate your due diligence

Yuval Brisker

Mezu: New venture, old friends

Buoyed by TOA’s success, Yuval Brisker launches fintech business with $10 million

First National Bank’s Boyd Pethel

Raising capital can be a good strategy, even if you’re not pursuing a deal

Ira Kaplan

How to create value when you sell

Right advisers can drive a higher price and lower risk

ASPIRE 2018 Video

Northeast Ohio’s top dealmakers gathered in May to discuss the art of the deal

Monte Ahuja

On the green

Monte Ahuja blends his skill in business with his love of golf

Imprise Financial’s Kelly Price

Consider all your assets, both personal and business, as you plot the future of your company

John Sinnenberg

Cyprium Partners’ John Sinnenberg

Why curiosity is essential to dealmaking

Mike Gibbons

Michael E. Gibbons

Relationships drive this dealmaker’s approach to his craft

Transtar’s Neil Sethi

Proprietary deal flow is a key component to Transtar’s M&A strategy

Business Pulse June 2018

Business Pulse — June 2018

Don’t stress. Divest.

Jenniffer Deckard

The sands of time

With $150M in operating synergies, Fairmount Santrol has a way to cope with market volatility

Family Heritage Life Insurance’s Howard Lewis

Take time to think about your future before you put your company on the market

John Mastrantoni

IMCD’s John Mastrantoni

Get your house in order to prepare for the sale of your business

Anthony Manna

Anthony Manna

How bringing baseball to Akron launched a career of dealmaking

Ganley Auto Group’s Ken Ganley

Dealmaking provides an opportunity for leadership growth