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Andrew Petryk

BGL’s Andrew Petryk

A critical eye, planning and strong advisers will maximize your sale price

Reading people is critical to acquisitions

Greg Skoda explains why attention to detail is critical across many fronts

Bassem Mansour

Negotiated deals

Five reasons to avoid an auction and target the right buyer for your business

Charlie Lougheed

Explorys co-founder Charlie Lougheed

Have fun, embrace opportunity and never stop tackling new challenges

Mike Gibbons: Getting 2 deals from 1

Value exists when you break off real estate into a separate transaction

Jim Marra

BluePoint Capital’s Jim Marra

Specialization has become the name of the game in private equity investing

Mark Filippell

Mark A. Filippell

Dealmaking is all about understanding the motivations driving the transaction

LaunchHouse’s Todd Goldstein

Dealmaking is a vehicle to creating a more dynamic entrepreneurial community

Scott Becker

Carveout transactions

The acquisition of a business unit often comes with a lot of complexity

Doug Sibila

Douglas J. Sibila

Networking, both internally and externally, helps Douglas J. Sibila make better deals

Proformex’s R. Louis Schneeberger

Helping clients complete deals is always special

Michael Ellis

Buckingham, Doolittle and Burroughs’ Michael A. Ellis

Noncompete agreements can easily become a point of conflict in M&A transactions

Business Pulse

Business Pulse – October 2018

Valuations up, deal volume down

Jon Pinney

Jon J. Pinney

The love of a good challenge fuels lawyer’s passion for dealmaking

Dix & Eaton’s Chas Withers

Don’t underestimate the importance of messaging when negotiating a transaction

Wayne Wallace

Set yourself up to win

The path to a great deal begins before you even have the first negotiation

Dick Hollington

Richard R. Hollington III

PE firms keep getting better at what they do, providing a valuable tool for growing businesses

MRI Software’s John Ensign

The time you take to get to know partners, potential acquisition targets is always worth it

Chris Jones and Steve Dyke

Align Capital Partners’ Chris Jones and Steve Dyke

Add-on acquisitions need to be part of a growth strategy, not the strategy itself

Baiju Shah

Baiju R. Shah

Cleveland’s ability to make deals happen in health care deserves more attention

Thogus’ Matt Hlavin

The strength of your team often determines the outcome of your deal

Jim Karman

The unwritten rules of M&A

Ten tips to help strengthen your company’s acquisition strategy

Tony Ciepiel

Tony Ciepiel

Diverse M&A experience has Step2’s new CEO ready for his next challenge

The Gateway Group’s Thomas V. Chema

Cleveland still has work to do when it comes to tackling big, bold ideas

Darrell Austin

Austin Capital Partners’ Darrell Austin

M&A market continues to evolve for dealmakers

Paul Smucker Wagstaff

Paul Smucker Wagstaff

Find people who love making business deals and get to work

Stephen J. McHale

Established IT entrepreneur sets out to solve the mystery of the economy

Business Pulse

Business Pulse – September 2018

Deals aplenty in August

Dan Moore

Dan T. Moore III

Unmet needs are often the secret to making lucrative business deals

Team NEO’s Bill Koehler

Business owners willing to work the dealmaking process typically come out ahead

Chris Smyth

EY’s Chris Smyth

Value creation in the world of dealmaking often takes time to be realized

Sam Petros

Sam Petros

Good dealmakers take their vision and find a way to get it done

Cascade Partners’ Ken Marblestone

When sale prices get high, buyers need more to achieve a desired return

Peter Van Euwen

Don’t be caught unprepared

Be cautious in making plans for the money you’ll get from selling your business

Jon Park

Jon W. Park

Banker explores the diverse set of skills it takes to be an effective dealmaker

Signet’s Anthony Manna

Starting a business is one of the best ways to help a community

Beth Haas

Beth Haas

Take steps to minimize your fear of working with an outside firm to make a deal

Ronald Weinberg

Ron Weinberg

A good dealmaker is always curious, ready to pounce on the next great idea

Independence Excavating’s Victor DiGeronimo Jr.

The toughest deals often bring the greatest reward

Business Pulse

Business Pulse – August 2018

Strategy leads to success

Mitchell Schneider

Mitchell Schneider

Developer who changed Cleveland’s retail sector is learning to enjoy the fruits of his labor

McCarthy Lebit’s Kenneth B. Liffman

Dealmakers understand that doing your best isn’t always enough to close a deal

Rudy Bentlage

JPMorgan Chase’s Rudy Bentlage

Knowledge is a critical piece in the dealmaking process

Chris Valerian

SCA has its eye on $300M

Christopher Valerian came home to build a national market leader

Olympic Steel’s Michael D. Siegal

Why being a chameleon is important when buying

Jeremy Eberlein

Create a viable plan

Selling your business will likely create a need to reevaluate your personal wealth strategy

Fred Nance

Fred Nance

Top Cleveland lawyer shares his perspective on being a top-notch dealmaker

Flashstarts’ Charles Stack

A look at the right way and the wrong way to entice a potential investor

Jeffrey Kadlic

Evolution Capital Partners’ Jeffrey Kadlic

Is it time to change the rules on who can invest in private equity?

Dave O'Brien

Risk International ‘buys’ a partner

Sale to BV Investment will fuel aggressive growth plan

Stewart Kohl

How one of Cleveland’s best dealmakers got his start