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John Zak

XaTek raises $9M in under 90 days

CEO Zak says firm has cash it needs to get new med device to market

Ancora’s Fred DiSanto

This dealmaker puts great value in a trusted confidante

Business Pulse

Business Pulse – July 2018

Time to sell the family business?

Len Pagon

Len Pagon Jr.

How a failed deal led to a better price for Brulant

PWC Group’s Ansir Junaid

How a clear road map speeds up deals

Tony Mazzella

Mazzella Cos.’ Tony Mazzella

Don’t let deal size dictate your due diligence

Yuval Brisker

Mezu: New venture, old friends

Buoyed by TOA’s success, Yuval Brisker launches fintech business with $10 million

First National Bank’s Boyd Pethel

Raising capital can be a good strategy, even if you’re not pursuing a deal

Ira Kaplan

How to create value when you sell

Right advisers can drive a higher price and lower risk

ASPIRE 2018 Video

Northeast Ohio’s top dealmakers gathered in May to discuss the art of the deal

Monte Ahuja

On the green

Monte Ahuja blends his skill in business with his love of golf

Imprise Financial’s Kelly Price

Consider all your assets, both personal and business, as you plot the future of your company

John Sinnenberg

Cyprium Partners’ John Sinnenberg

Why curiosity is essential to dealmaking

Mike Gibbons

Michael E. Gibbons

Relationships drive this dealmaker’s approach to his craft

Transtar’s Neil Sethi

Proprietary deal flow is a key component to Transtar’s M&A strategy

Business Pulse June 2018

Business Pulse — June 2018

Don’t stress. Divest.

Jenniffer Deckard

The sands of time

With $150M in operating synergies, Fairmount Santrol has a way to cope with market volatility

Family Heritage Life Insurance’s Howard Lewis

Take time to think about your future before you put your company on the market

John Mastrantoni

IMCD’s John Mastrantoni

Get your house in order to prepare for the sale of your business

Anthony Manna

Anthony Manna

How bringing baseball to Akron launched a career of dealmaking

Ganley Auto Group’s Ken Ganley

Dealmaking provides an opportunity for leadership growth

Randy Myeroff

5 rules for dealmaking

Do's and don’ts learned from years of experience – and mistakes

Victor DiGeronino

Victor DiGeronimo Jr.

It’s all about family — and dealmaking — for this construction mastermind

Western Reserve Partners’ David D. Dunstan

Find the best pathway to maximize the value of your business

Dave Pamer

Kichler Lighting’s Dave Pamer

Stay focused during acquisitions with preparation, delegation and communication

Stewart Kohl

Stewart Kohl

Why there are so many more ways to add value to a business than just money

Rakuten OverDrive’s Steve Potash

Digital pioneer's disciplined growth strategy pays off

Aaron Grossman

Target identification

Take the guesswork out of making acquisitions

Sean Dorsey

J.W. Sean Dorsey

Trends and lessons learned from a 35-year dealmaking career that spans baseball to buffalo wings

Tucker Ellis’ Jayne Juvan

Encourage your board to be an active player in M&A activity

Joel Adelman

AdCap Management’s Joel Adelman

Entrepreneur looks to help young businesses raise capital and grow

Business Pulse

Business Pulse — May 2018

Deal volume dips, deal value remains historically high

Stephen McHale

Stephen J. McHale

An inside look at one of Cleveland’s top entrepreneurs and deepest thinkers

JumpStart’s Ray Leach

A deeper look at Cleveland’s entrepreneurial economy

Margaret Wong

Attorney Margaret W. Wong

Immigration lawyer takes different M&A path


A great day at ASPIRE 2018

Thank you to everyone who made this year's event the best yet

Frank C. Sullivan

Frank C. Sullivan

Chairman and CEO of RPM builds on his father’s legacy with more than 100 acquisitions

Gregory J. Skoda

Dealmaking is all about reading and understanding people

Joe DiRocco

Fifth Third Bank’s Joe DiRocco

Why the things you do today can have a big impact on the deals you do tomorrow

Wayne Wallace

Raising startup capital

Build solid plans before you seek early-stage funding

ASPIRE 2018 Selling a Business


Best practices and pitfalls



Last chance to register for daylong dealmakers event

Hoby Hanna

Howard W. “Hoby” Hanna IV

Real estate scion has become quite active — and successful — on the M&A front

ShurTech Brands’ John Kahl

Hired or acquired, new employees need to get acclimated to their new home

Scott Wolstein

Developer Scott Wolstein

You need to know when a deal wasn’t meant to be

Raising Capital Aspire 2018

Raising capital

Case studies and a view from the front lines

Jeff Bezos

Lessons from Amazon

Jeff Bezos releases annual letter to shareholders

Umberto P. Fedeli

Umberto P. Fedeli

A man of the people who seeks to win at everything — and usually does

MelCap Partners’ Al Melchiorre

M&A adviser urges sellers to take pride in their work building a business

Jim Geuther

SunTrust’s Jim Geuther

Leveraging strategic M&A opportunities to “acquihire” the skilled talent you need to grow your business

Bassem Mansour

What’s your exit strategy?

Seven questions you should ask yourself when thinking about a sale or merger