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Doug Holladay, PathNorth

Organization helps CEOs reflect on the meaning of success

Doug Holladay

November 3, 2017

By: Fred Koury

From Oxford University to The White House to Wall Street, Doug Holladay has an impressive resume. When I met him several years ago he clearly impressed me as a very smart guy. But he was also extremely humble — a trait too often missing from our leaders.

Doug shared with me his motivation for founding PathNorth, a nonprofit dedicated to helping business leaders fight isolation and broaden their meaning of success. The result of his efforts is a place of self-reflection. It’s an invitation to slow down, come outside of your own bubble and experience new perspectives.

I was so impressed by what they are doing that I joined PathNorth several years ago. I encourage you to visit their website to learn more about what Doug and his team are doing. In particular, I recommend their Essentials page, which includes key resources to help you reflect on the meaning of success. Also take a look at their Experiences page, which showcases some of PathNorth’s unusual events designed to open your mind to new perspectives. I am sure you will find it worth your time.