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Time to act

Cleveland business community needs to come together to reverse trend


March 23, 2018

By: Fred Koury

Last week, Umberto Fedeli forwarded a article to me that said Cuyahoga County ranked third among U.S. counties for job losses. Only Chicago’s Cook County and the city of Baltimore fared worse.

That fact is just another in a long line of statistics that should have every business person in greater Cleveland up in arms. Just last month in Smart Business, KJK Managing Partner Jon Pinney shared in a column how Cleveland’s economy has now fallen behind Cincinnati and Columbus — for the first time in history.

It has gotten so bad that their economies are growing at almost twice the rate of ours. And with growth comes opportunity. More jobs. More income. More investment. All of which Northeast Ohio desperately needs.

It is time for the business community to come together to reverse this trend. We need to create a real regional economic development effort that can compete effectively with Columbus 2020, REDI Cincinnati and others outside Ohio.