Amy Schultz Clubbs: Put your customer first, and then follow these principles to thrive through rapid growth Featured

9:53am EDT January 1, 2014
Amy Schultz Clubbs, president, Molina Healthcare of Ohio Amy Schultz Clubbs, president, Molina Healthcare of Ohio

We all know the paradox of growth in business: On one hand, expansion is a major objective of virtually every company. On the other, navigating growth can be a company’s greatest challenge — especially when it happens fast.

Molina Healthcare is no exception. When I started with Molina Healthcare of Ohio in January 2006, the company had some 40 employees, 1,000 providers and a few hundred members. Today we have about 600 employees, 16,000 providers and 262,000 members, with no end of growth in sight.

This year also marks the beginning of Molina’s first foray into a commercial product with the health insurance marketplace, as well as significant changes in our government-sponsored health care products such as the integration of care for dual eligible members in Ohio and Medicaid expansion.

Luckily, we’ve dedicated time and resources to planning this period of unprecedented expansion. Our research has helped us identify several principles for maintaining stability while we grow rapidly. 

Put the needs of those you serve first

Your customers are the future of your company. If you are to continue as a go-to resource for them, it’s critical that you remember their perspective in everything you do.

For Molina members, that means removing barriers to getting health care, providing the highest quality care and making sure our members’ have a great experience each time they interact with us.

Stay true to your corporate mission

In all probability, one reason you’re growing is that more people want your service or product.

Molina’s mission to manage the care of members who are eligible for government health programs has allowed us to grow, because we’ve done it in a way that improves the health outcomes of our members while saving costs for the state.

Capitalize on what sets you apart from the competition

What makes your company special should be obvious to everyone who works for and with you. Make sure to communicate this internally, as well as to customers at every opportunity.

Part of knowing how your business is unique is by learning from the businesses that share your market. 

Show your employees you value them

Employees who are appreciated go the extra mile on the job. We differentiate ourselves by offering unique benefits, such as paid time off for volunteering in the community in addition to traditional dental, health and 401(k) matching benefits.

In order to maintain an engaged team, give employees perks where you can, treat them with respect, provide constant coaching and performance feedback, and connect the dots to the goals of the company for them.

Form relationships in the community

Participate in strategic charitable giving, and you can strengthen relationships with community partners. Molina encourages the leadership team to give back by participating on nonprofit boards and donates not only funds but food and gently-used clothes to organizations who share our mission of serving those in need.

Your involvement also educates potential customers about what your business offers, and further inspires employees who give back to the community with both time and money. It demonstrates your integrity as a company.

Amy Clubbs is the plan president for Molina Healthcare of Ohio, the state’s second largest Medicaid Managed Care plan with 262,000 members. For more information, visit