Visionary Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

David H. Segura’s successful business started with a chance meeting a decade ago while he was volunteering with a tutoring program at Wayne University.

During the program, he met the president of Hacienda Mexican Foods and did some IT work for her. When he asked to be paid, she declined, saying that she saw potential in him and would only issue a check to his company, not to him personally. The next day, he founded VisionIT Inc. to fill a void in the technology sector and signed Hacienda as his first client.

Since then, Segura’s IT staffing firm has grown by leaps and bounds, based on its FAST approach: It is Focused on each client’s needs, Agile in an ever-changing business environment, Streamlined and continually identifying ways to enhance operations, and it recruits the most Talented people in the staffing and IT industries, providing them with continual training to assure clients get the best IT and staffing solutions.

VisionIT’s client list includes Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and has bucked the trend toward outsourcing to India. After much deliberation, Segura chose to continue developing U.S. personnel and let other firms compete over India outsourcing investments.

Now, after starting out as a second-tier supplier supporting other staffing firms, VisionIT has grown exponentially over the last three years as a result of being awarded a number of direct IT staff augmentation contracts, a large IT outsourcing contract and assuming vendor management services responsibility for a large IT staff augmentation customer.

HOW TO REACH: VisionIT Inc., or (313) 664-5650