Stress relief Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

A. George Hebel III took Bonal Technologies Inc. global long before globalization was in vogue.

It was 1985, and Bonal Technologies was a brand-new company when a Taiwan sales organization contacted Hebel about representing Bonal’s technology, Meta-Lax Stress Relief, a product that relieves stress on metal structures using vibrations.

Sales weren’t strong locally, so he agreed, establishingaprogramforforeignsalesagents. That move turned out to be key for growing the company, which now sells in 49 countries.

Hebel got his start working with his father in his dad’s machine shop and worked with him for 15 years before they patented the stress relief system and established the company. At first, they used the technology to provide customers with metal stress relief, which makes parts last three times longer, but they later moved to marketing and selling the system itself. Technology-savvy, early adopting companies and aggressive foreign sales agencies began buying the product at a rate of about one machine per month; today, the company averages nine sales a month.

Hebel continues to expand the technology, and over the last five years, Bonal has designed two derivatives, Pulse Puddle Arc Welding for better welding and Black Magic for smaller parts. The company is also developing distinct strategies for marketing and selling the products, which it hopes will help it gain wider distribution. There are 100,000 machine shops in the U.S; Bonal has tapped less than 1 percent of the market, leaving it tremendous potential for growth.

HOW TO REACH: Bonal Technologies Inc., or (248) 582-0900