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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Real Estate & Construction

Ever since Chauncey C. Mayfield was young, he’s been passionate about real estate. Mayfield was introduced to the real estate world when he worked as a laborer and bricklayer, and while working at his first job after college, he realized that he still had a strong desire for real estate and began studying it.

Today, Mayfield is president and CEO of two real estate companies, MayfieldGentry Realty Advisors LLC and PPM-Global, and at

tributes his success to his early experiences.

Through successful financing, Mayfield’s construction and marketing strategies have generated significant improvements and financial returns for MGRA. During the economic downturn in 2008, MGRA still grew its institutional real estate portfolio by 12 percent, outperforming its competitors as a result of Mayfield’s business insight and leadership. When other real estate companies were taking advantage of easy financing and leveraging up their deals, Mayfield maintained MGRA’s integrity and opted not to follow in the footsteps of his competitors, and his company was able to survive the recent decline in real estate and credit markets.

MGRA is presently registered as an SEC investment adviser that provides clients services in investment and asset management, as well as corporate services. And as a result of MGRA’s accomplishments, Mayfield and his company were recognized by Pensions & Investments magazine as one of the Top 100 money managers in the U.S. Much of Mayfield’s success is a result of the work environment he provides for his employees, as the company provides 100 percent health care coverage for employees and a flexible workplace because he believes family is the No. 1 priority.

How to reach: MayfieldGentry Realty Advisors LLC, (313) 221-1270 or