Reinventing an industry Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

It was 2003, and Sircon Corp.’s revenue had hit a plateau.

The board of the software solutions company wanted a change, and they found it in Robert “Bob” Nero.

When Nero arrived at Sircon in 2003, the company — which provides software and services to the insurance industry — was healthy, but revenue was topping off and there were limited opportunities for growth.

Nero, who serves as president and CEO, knew change was in order. One of his first moves was to change the company’s name from Innovative IT Solutions to Sircon Corp., after one of its software solutions. He also observed that the company was not as close as it should be to customers, so he began meeting with them to listen to their needs. As a result, he expanded the business from a narrow focus on compliance-related services to a broader vision that encompassed the full producer, and created “producer lifecycle management,” a unique model for carriers dealing with producers.

Nero says the key to customer satisfaction is motivated and informed employees. He believes in communication at all levels of the organization and has built a culture in which it’s not only the CEO who does all the thinking. He encourages training to foster a collaborative culture, which has helped employees find opportunities with clients by breaking down walls.

Under Nero’s leadership, Sircon’s customer base has increased to 1,500 carriers, and revenue grew 37 percent in 2006 over 2005, a trend the company’s leadership expects to continue.

HOW TO REACH: Sircon Corp., or (517) 347-7340