Powering ahead Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

When he was laid off from a machinery repair shop, Joseph C. Parker took his skills to his garage, where he started doing small repairs for family-owned shops.

That led to a referral to do contract work for Kelsey-Hayes, but Parker and his company, C&B Machinery, were limited by space in the jobs they could take from the new client. In the early days of his business, Parker took every risk necessary, without thinking much about it, because he had nothing to lose. So he rented a building to expand the business, and within seven months, was the largest supplier for machinery repair and tooling for that plant.

That led to a request from Ford to see if he could retool micromatic stack hones, and today, C&B Machinery is a global preferred supplier to Ford.

Parker, who serves as CEO, has based his business on leading by example, with the philosophy of getting the job done with honesty and integrity, facing problems head-on and giving customers more than what they pay for. And with the company’s history of service support and business ethics, C&B has no need for a marketing or sales department; work still comes by word-of-mouth, and Parker believes that good business results from open communication.

Going forward, Parker plans to continue growing his business, and in the last 18 months, designed and built a new machine, a double disc grinder, which sold two units before the first casting was even poured.

HOW TO REACH: C&B Machinery, www.cbmachinery.com or (734) 462-0600