Changing speed Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Business Services

Fred Minturn has learned a few things from his bosses throughout the years, most notably the ability to adapt to change and to do it quickly.

It’s an entrepreneurial trait he’s been able to sharpen in multiple leadership positions at MSX International, including now as CEO.

The company started in 1997 as an independent auto engineering company. In the early years, MSXI spent a lot of resources acquiring IT staffing companies throughout the country. The idea failed, and the company recently exited the IT staffing and auto engineering markets.

With a new strategy, Minturn hopes to strongly position the company in the marketplace. In fact, MSXI’s leadership expects the company to grow 10 percent this year.

Now, MSXI is broken into two categories: retail network solutions and human capital solutions. Retail network solutions, which is centered on improving the automotive retail experience, covers two thirds of the company’s focus. Its value proposition is to increase efficiency and market impact, reduce costs, maximize revenue, enhance quality and establish differentiation. The human capital solutions segment of the business is focused on improving the talent acquisition experience, basically reduce labor costs and help vendors become more efficient.

MSXI stresses innovation, reliability and flexibility, which has led to strong customer partnerships throughout the world. The company has more than 3,500 automotive experts in 21 countries and is evenly split between operations in the U.S. and Brazil and operations in Europe. It also has a growing presence in Australia and the Far East. Breaking down the numbers even more, half of MSXI’s business is with Ford Motors Corp. and 70 percent is outside of the United States.

As MSXI continues to grow and evolve, Minturn is committed to measuring sales growth and customer satisfaction and organically growing his team.

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