How Duane Jones propelled D2 Abatement as an innovator in the environmental industry Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Duane Jones Duane Jones

Although he has 67 employees today, it was just six years ago that Duane Jones was running D2 Abatement Inc. with just one employee. Taking two-hour sleep shifts, he spent his first years as the company’s president and CEO balancing his time among building capital, developing a unique market strategy and sharing his vision for services to sustain and promote environmental wellness.

In spite of beginning with a personal bankruptcy filing, Jones never let that get in his way. His hard worked soon paid off when his market niche strategy of cost savings and process improvements, combined with his dedication and sacrifice to his vision, helped generate D2’s first revenue streams. Since then, Jones’ company has achieved average yearly growth of 28 percent, in spite of economic and financial pressures. Jones has also not had to take out any bank loans, allowing D2 to operate as a debt-free corporation.

One of Jones’ proudest achievements is growing D2 not with the help of a large majority company partner but rather with the hard work and talent of his team. Combating the industry stigma that a minority company isn’t sophisticated enough to handle and manage government-based projects for asbestos and lead abatement, Jones has been determined to show that is not the case. In fact, he’s successfully diversified D2’s services to include industrial cleaning, environmental recycling and industrial staffing.

Jones’ the key to succeeding has been developing a skilled and knowledgeable team. He ensures that all D2 employees are cross trained, licensed and certified in most of the company’s service areas, and also makes an effort to keep his employees up to date on the most innovative and effective industry techniques and training as a hands-on leader, allowing employees to learn new skills and creating low turnover.

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