How Michael Nevins uses his company to help people Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Michael Nevins had just committed to building a multimillion dollar green factory for Full Spectrum Solutions Inc., and the economy was going in the tank in a big way.

It was 2008 and the recession was just getting under way. With sales plummeting, it seemed that layoffs would have to be part of any solution to survive the crisis. But Nevins never laid off a single employee due to lack of work. Instead, the president and CEO took idle factory workers and trained them as construction workers, who spent two years building the energy-efficient lighting manufacturer’s environmentally friendly world headquarters and manufacturing facility.

At a time when the automotive industry was in even worse shape than the overall economy, Nevins committed to bringing manufacturing back to the state. He wanted to make a difference, but his efforts go deeper. When Nevins and his wife and co-founder, Diane, moved to Michigan, they experienced the negative effects caused by a lack of natural daylight during the gray months of winter.

They read that full-spectrum light, which is designed to simulate natural sunlight around noontime, was beneficial for combating the symptoms of winter depression. So Nevins got to work manufacturing his own line of full-spectrum light therapy products and soon, his company was a leader in this niche.

Full Spectrum Solutions also sponsors an energy-efficiency initiative sponsored by the local utility company to showcase energy-efficient practices in both commercial and residential applications.

Nevins is dedicated to his employees, to energy conservation and to making the lives of his customers better through his products. His passion keeps the company searching for the next great thing.

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