How Robert DePierre made Henniges Automotive a stronger company Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Robert DePierre Robert DePierre

Robert DePierre, CEO of Henniges Automotive, is an optimistic leader and has confidence in the abilities of his team. He inspires his employees to excel in times of adversity and maintains a positive attitude, encouraging and supporting those around him who work at the provider of sealing and anti-vibration systems for the automotive industry.

These traits have served DePierre well, especially when he was charged with merging two companies to form Henniges Automotive in 2007. Henniges was formed when GDX Automotive and Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems, the second- and third-largest suppliers of vehicle sealing systems in the U.S., merged. Each of the entities brought unique strengths to the table, and DePierre and his leadership team faced the challenge of blending the cultures and integrating the specialties of the companies into one.

Drawing upon his more than 27 years of experience, DePierre began the integration process with a “Day One” plan that involved employees from both predecessor companies and the stakeholders. Central to the integration plan was the importance of clear and regular global communication to keep all employees informed of their roles and responsibilities within the new organization.

As a result, the new headquarters building was successfully consolidated, and 200 employees relocated within three weeks of the announcement. Thirty-, 60- and 90-day plans to further integrate the two companies were executed, and DePierre introduced a new vision, mission and culture statement. Teams were also formed to take an overview of troubled plants and correct operational problems.

From the establishment of Henniges, DePierre created a strategy for success, and through perseverance and commitment to fundamental principles, he has developed management systems to move the company forward. His consistency of purpose has successfully guided the company through integration, external market pressures and an ownership change, and will position Henniges to successfully steer future growth plans. 

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