How Lee Schoenherr leads FloraCraft Corp. with innovation and creativity Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Lee Schoenherr Lee Schoenherr

Everyone at FloraCraft Corp. strives to put the customer first and goes above and beyond to meet customer needs. That drive for excellent customer satisfaction at the floral and crafts company is a direct result of the leadership that Chairman Lee Schoenherr demonstrates.

Schoenherr always puts customer first and treats them as if they were his boss, as opposed to just a number. His constant effort to treat people right has also given the 200-employee company its family feel. Schoenherr recognizes employee achievements and rewards those who carry out the company’s mission that allow for success.

Schoenherr has built a business model that demonstrates a capacity for innovation and creativity by motivating those around him. He is always looking for ways to recognize and reward his employees, which drives innovation and ideas. Schoenherr is an independent thinker and many of the company’s approaches have been a result of the efforts of the employees, combined with his overall direction.

Schoenherr is never fully satisfied and is always looking for ways to continue to improve the business. From creating better products to finding ways to cut costs, he is driven to deliver a quality product that also saves customers money. He played an integral role in combining the floral side of the business with the craft side by recognizing that Styrofoam could be beneficial to both sides of the company.

FloraCraft expanded to become the largest fabricator of Styrofoam for the floral and craft industry through acquisitions and reinvestment in the company, which required overcoming obstacles such as cost reductions, economies of scale, vertical integration, marketing outside of the industry and major competition. His guidance, leadership and ability to encourage others to be creative and innovative has continued to solidify FloraCraft Corp. in the floral and crafting business for more than 60 years.

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