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2:11pm EDT July 5, 2011
Delivering value

While the mission at Valassis of delivering value to consumers has not changed, how Alan Schultz and his team carry out that value continues to evolve.

As chairman, president and CEO, Schultz’s commitment to innovation has fueled the marketing services company’s product development into in-store and online distribution. The company, which formerly relied on coupon inserts for the majority of its revenue, in 2010 began developing a new in-store advertising model that gives retailers better control of shopper experiences. Currently, the Valassis in-store network includes 2,000 stores and the company is on target to add another 1,000 stores this year.

Schultz has also helped to develop tremendous momentum in the company’s digital business. Valassis’ digital portfolio includes email, secure print-at-home coupons and display ads. Schultz supports the new business development leaders and teams by understanding that they need different rules, expectations and flexibility, apart from the people running the company’s more mature businesses.

Under Schultz’s insightful leadership, the Valassis team has turned challenges and risks into success and competitive advantages. The company’s growing RedPlum portfolio of promotional media can be integrated into single, optimized media solutions for clients. Schultz and his team have also developed superior targeting systems and provide analytics to help clients reach marketing objectives.

Schultz wouldn’t be able to build a responsive business without a motivated work force, and he has helped construct an employee-focused and inclusive culture. The company won 12 culture awards in 2010, including numerous “top workplace” designations in various publications.

Schultz also inspires a culture of giving back to the community. Among Valassis’ community initiatives is a 26-year partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which includes a total donation of $450 million worth of media space to circulate the pictures of missing children on Valassis products.

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