Mark Symonds found a SaaS solution to serve Plex subscribers Featured

2:19pm EDT July 5, 2011

Within a year after taking the reins of Plex Systems Inc., Mark Symonds made a controversial decision to change the company’s business. As president and CEO, he decided to switch the the company’s business model from purchase pricing to subscription pricing.

The innovative Plex Online Software As A Service or cloud technology brought companies flexibility, rapid implementation and low ownership costs.

Under Symonds’ leadership, the company has expanded its customer base each year, including a cross-section of manufacturers and suppliers, particularly in the fields of automotive, medical device, aerospace and defense. Revenue grew, as well, with 2010 recurring revenue up 26 percent over 2009. In addition to dramatic growth, Symonds increased the company’s visibility and recognition within the industry.

Symonds was no newcomer as an entrepreneur leading successful ventures. His background includes providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies such as Kmart, DaimlerChrylser and Microsoft. He also founded an IT consulting and custom software development firm, Innovative Information Systems.

Symonds has added jobs at Plex Systems in the United States, Europe and Asia, and has expanded co-op and internship opportunities for students at local colleges and universities. In 2010, the company employed 13 co-op students from area institutions and sponsored two teams in a local robotics competition.

The culture that he fosters motivates employees, supports teamwork and provides outlets for creativity, such as video game competitions in the break room. The company also pays for health club memberships for employees and sponsors free educational forums on topics such as financial management and health and wellness. In addition, the company will match employee contributions of up to $500 per charity.

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