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2:16pm EDT July 5, 2011
Thinking ahead

As he founded The Bower Cos. in 1991, the ultimate risk for President John P. Bower was leaving his corporate career as a controller and CFO to begin a business in which he had no experience, and no sales or marketing background.

However, Bower quickly found that he thrived in dealing with the ups and downs of startup companies. Bower is a visionary who approaches the future with ingenuity and passion for doing more. He has a knack for sensing opportunity where others see chaos, contradiction and confusion. Under Bower’s leadership, The Bower Cos. has evolved from staffing to executive search, HR consulting, payrolling, benefits administration, document management and imaging, and in-home care. Each new company was established to help dilute the risk of existing solely in one business arena.

The Bower Cos. serves as the management umbrella over two operating companies, ExpertCare Management Services and Serpeo Inc. ExpertCare is a nonmedical home care staffing agency that has provided support throughout southeast Michigan since 2001. The company’s largest clients are community mental health associations, and its customers are individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Serpeo Inc. was founded in 1995 and is a premier provider of payroll benefits and full-service human resource solutions throughout Michigan. The company has served more than 100 companies and employed more than 12,000.

As he moves forward, Bower continues to look for new ways to reinvent the staffing model to fit the needs of his clients. He is actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions to create diversification for his company’s revenue stream and is looking to expand in the clinical health area. Additionally, he is looking to integrate additional counties within Michigan for growth by leveraging the brand’s name and its high-quality service offerings.

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