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2:22pm EDT July 5, 2011
Benefit analysis

In 2005, Michael Brillati partnered with five credit unions to form Salus Group, a boutique benefits consulting and administration agency. The idea was introduced to Brillati by Catherine Roberts, CEO of a large Michigan credit union.

Although Brillati was young, Roberts saw talent, charisma and leadership style within him. At the time, he was working as a top-earning agent for a large benefit-consulting firm in metro Detroit and had established a solid client base. Knowing the risk of leaving the firm and giving up his book of business, Brillati gambled -- and won.

As CEO of Salus Group, Brillati created the company out of a small office space, with little to no client base, and drove the business skyward. By January 2007, Salus Group had closed its second year with tremendous growth to more than 80 clients throughout the Midwest.

At that point, Salus Group was awarded an exclusive program for small credit unions with a prominent national carrier. Two years later, it acquired CUCare Group, the Michigan Credit Union League’s exclusive medical benefits division. Salus Group grew to more than 225 clients, and due to the rapid success of the firm, new partnership opportunities and acquisition offers presented themselves.

Brillati has also instituted a culture that encourages innovation, change and passion. Regardless of an employee’s position, his vision is for each person to strive toward greatness and propel toward success. He promotes a sense of creativity and encourages all employees to suggest new ideas or process. He views each person as his or her own CEO, with the capacity and freedom to make decisions within their roles. And employees are valued and encouraged to make their mark and make a difference within the organization.

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