How Craig Erlich furnishes cool ideas for pulse220 to deliver extraordinary experiences Featured

2:45pm EDT July 5, 2011
Craig Erlich Craig Erlich

In 1999, Craig Erlich had just sold his first business to a public company and was looking for his next challenge. He joined pulse220, a 12-year-old business that provided entertainment products and services for social events and, taking a step back into the start-up world in terms of resources, people and cash flow, brought process and systems into the business that allowed it to prosper.

Pulse220 stands apart from its competitors, and Erlich gives much of the credit to his team members. Key points of differentiation include creativity ? coming up with that really cool idea for a theme or determining the most creative way to spend the client’s money to maximize the investment, trust and strategic partnership. The team’s goal is to create experiential programs that make people talk.

The name pulse220 embodies everything the company does. When team members get into a program, they get in deep to find the pulse of an organization and then pump it up to a maximum rate. For example, when Masco Corp. held a holiday event, pulse220 transformed the corporate headquarters into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and 2,000 people toured the Chocolate Room, the Bubble Room, the Inventing Room, the Golden Egg Room and even took a ride on the Wonkavator  ? an example of what imagination can create.

Erlich is also involved in efforts such as JARC, an Oakland County agency that helps people with development disabilities lead normal lives.

The company’s future growth includes plans to integrate technology into the event experience, and Erlich has recently licensed a virtual meeting technology platform to allow clients to extend the value of their meetings and events into the online world.

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