Noel Cuellar, President and CEO, Primera Plastics Inc. Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2012

Noel CuellarFinalist, Manufacturing

Since founding Primera Plastics Inc. 18 years ago, Noel Cuellar has led his team of injection molders through times of expansion and recession with a focus on the company’s people. The consideration that Cuellar shows for his employees has fostered a corporate atmosphere built on the success of the individuals who work for the company.

Cuellar’s upbeat demeanor and candor have created a casual managerial culture at Primera Plastics. He frequently visits with ?oor workers to talk with them about their lives and their future plans. The company’s facility is clean, neat and orderly, resembling an of?ce campus more than a production site.

Primera Plastics stays competitive in the commodity molding industry through accurate color matching, attention to detail and high-quality products. In reaction to customer demand, Cuellar has invested in pigment blending machines to give the company a competitive advantage. The mixing technology has won Primera Plastics business through referrals. The company is planning for the future by doing research into plastic moldings capable of replicating the density and sound of metal and understanding biodegradable materials. Primera Plastics has implemented a problemsolving process that involves conducting standing meetings each morning to create 24-hour action plans. Employees are empowered to resolve problems as they arise, and the resultant learning contributes to employee training and growth.

Cuellar realized early on that “buying jobs” was not a sustainable way to run his business. Therefore, Primera Plastics emphasizes securing customers as part of an organic growth process. The company does not advertise its services as a proprietary molder. Its expansion occurs as a result of the consistent quality of its products and services, which prompts frequent customer referrals.

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