No slowing down Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

To Lloyd Ganton, managing multiple retirement centers isn’t just a job; it’s a chance for him to share his compassion for the elderly and exercise his entrepreneurial drive.

Ganton had been working as an assistant superintendent when, in 1967, inspired by his parents who provided care to seniors in the Spring Arbor community, he decided to quit his job, cash in his retirement savings and build a private nursing home, although he was not in the ideal financial position to do so.

Today, his Ganton Retirement Centers Inc. has expanded beyond that initial nursing home to include independent living centers, semi-assisted living centers, rehab centers and a center that specializes in Alzheimer’s care.

He also partnered with a local hospice organization to build a hospice house to care for terminal patients.

Despite Ganton’s success today, the road to this point was not an easy one, and in the early years, Ganton struggled to make payroll after being turned down for a bank loan. But his risk-taking, perseverance, and his devotion to his business and to the seniors and retirees who live in his homes helped him overcome the obstacles and establish a thriving business.

Ganton’s passion has been a big part of his success, and he periodically makes surprise visits to his retirement centers to observe and inspect the facilities.

In addition, he strives to develop relationships with the retirees who live in his centers in an effort to better understand and satisfy their physical, psychological and spiritual wants and needs.

HOW TO REACH: Ganton Retirement Centers Inc., (517) 750-0500