Natural progression Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Real Estate & Construction

Bernd Ronnisch has never really thought about the risks he took starting his company as some deep-rooted entrepreneurial itch.

Quite simply, he calls the move he made — leaving the comfortable job he had in 1994 as a construction superintendent to join a partner and start a company with their life savings — a natural progression of his career.

That progression ultimately led to him buying out his partner and forming Ronnisch

Construction Group. He started his own company because he felt constricted by his former job, so he’s done everything that he can to prevent the same thing from happening at Ronnisch Construction.

The company has made itself a leader in technology, with its high-quality Web site acting as a beaming example of how it keeps ahead of the industry in an increasingly Web-savvy world. He also encourages a team-oriented philosophy with his employees, encouraging a family-first attitude that he models in his own life and enforces through benefits such as flexible work arrangements.

Ronnisch also keeps clients informed with systems of operational transparency. In an industry that has a rough reputation with customers, he keeps people coming back by offering to return to the customer any savings from the original quoted prices. Moreover, the company offers two-year warranties to its customers, and as a result, 90 percent of Ronnisch Construction’s projects come from either repeat customers or referrals.

Ronnisch’s goal is to continue to increase profits in future years. And when the economy improves, he plans to diversify operations and possibly expand his company through franchising.

How to reach: Ronnisch Construction Group, (248) 549-1800 or