Continuous growth Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

Joseph Ruicci began at Gil-Mar Manufacturing Co. when it opened its doors in 1982. But 28 years later, he plays a bit of a different role. After watching his father found and grow the business, he took the reins as CEO in 2000, and since then, the business has been in a time of controlled growth and expansion.

Ruicci is very committed to the business and never sets limits for himself, and it’s that quest to push the boundaries that has allowed him to instill a positive and productive work atmosphere. Unlike so many in business, his measure for success doesn’t include just profits and economic gain, but instead the respect that he earns from people around him, the ethics that he follows and promotes within the business, and the success and satisfaction experienced by his employees.

Over the years, Gil-Mar has become a top supplier to many manufacturing companies, including Ford and Chrysler. It has also experienced tremendous growth, as many of the company’s suppliers and customers have gone into bankruptcy. Even more impressive, the company has zero debt.

Ruicci and his team support local and regional companies and has also begun to expand into China, establishing a facility near Shanghai through a partnership with Paragon Metals in 2004. This expansion has helped Gil-Mar become part of Ford’s long-term plans.

In addition to expansion efforts, Gil-Mar is becoming more economically and socially responsible and has become ISO 14001 certified to prove it. Ruicci even employs a third-party company to make sure it is up to date on all environmental regulations. The company also contributes to many local organizations, such as the Canton Community Foundation, the Ted Lindsay Foundation and St. Joseph Hospital.

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