A simple decision Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Business Services

Terry Terhark wants to help each of the more than 90 clients who rely on his recruitment process outsourcing business to land the top employees who will be the best fit for each company. He also wants to do the right thing.

After more than seven years as the CEO of The RightThing, Inc., which provides human resources outsourcing for Fortune 1000 businesses in almost every major industry sector and focuses on recruitment, just about everything Terhark represents revolves around the right thing. There is the fact that he wants to provide the right work environment for his employees and allows many of his top employees to work from home as many as three days each week. There is his business philosophy, which is as simple a statement as, “Do the right thing and good things will happen.” And, yes, there is the name of his business.

Terhark is a professional in the human resources outsourcing industry. He has more than two decades of experience in the industry and founded his first business, Selective Staffing, in 1990. That business provided staffing, recruitment and employment outsourcing and was successful so quickly that it was acquired in 1998 by Aon Consulting. Terhark founded The RightThing five years later and now has built another successful business in the industry about which he is so passionate.

The RightThing is the largest privately owned recruitment process outsourcing firm in the nation and the top provider in the region. Terhark plans to continue building the business in 2010 and wants to open at least one office overseas.

Why now? Well, Terhark has always done what he considers to be the right thing, of course, and good things have always happened.

How to reach: The RightThing, Inc., (800) 466-4010 or www.rightthinginc.com