The Albertie file Featured

10:25am EDT March 30, 2006
Born: Detroit

Education: University of Arizona, fine arts

First job: McDonald’s when I was 15 years old. My first professional job was with NBC working on “Saved By the Bell” as a production manager. I was in charge of making copies of the script, which I distributed to the cast each week. If there was one typo or the smallest error, I had to recopy the whole thing. I learned a lot there.

What is the most important business lesson you’ve learned?
If I have to make a difficult decision, I sit back and think, ‘What would my father do?’ It was easier when he was here because you could put it on his plate and say, ‘You decide.’ I’ve learned to be patient. I’m a very do-it-now person, and sometimes I’ll act too quickly. If I sit back and wait 24 hours, things tend to come together.

Whom do you admire in business and why?
My father (Roger Albertie, who passed away in 2004) is at the top of my list. He was a hard worker, persistent, dedicated and a good teacher.

What has been your greatest business challenge?
Executing our succession plan. I don’t think that is easy for any family business. You can never be too prepared for succession, and I think we did a pretty good job. There were a lot of meetings, a lot of emotions — a lot of everything.

Describe your leadership style.
I am pretty aggressive. I’m demanding of my staff, but I also make it a fun environment for them.

Albertie on running a family business: Kari, Kyle and I are humble. We don’t think we know everything, and we don’t come to work every day thinking that. We look for smart people who can give us good advice and feedback all the time. Any good business operates by having several good people, not just one or two.