The Scrivano file Featured

11:13am EDT October 29, 2006
Age: 39

Born: Detroit

Bachelor’s degree, University of Michigan

First job:
Assistant manager in a pizza store

Whom do you admire most in business?
It would have to be Michael and Marian Ilitch (founders and owners of Little Caesars). I am so grateful to be involved with two of the pioneers in the pizza industry.

They started from scratch and built this business with their own hard work. I have had a one-on-one relationship with them for many years, and I’ve been so pleased to learn from them. They’ve taught me how to take risks, overcome obstacles and be successful.

What is the greatest business lesson you’ve learned?
It’s people, not products, that are the key to running a successful business, and you need to learn to trust people through their actions, not their words.

I’ve also learned that you need to have fun at work. Whether it’s in the store or the office, you need to create a positive environment that allows people to flourish.

How do you define success in business?
Success comes from seeing other people succeed. If you see other people flourish, you are motivated to strive for success.