Vision statement Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Scott Eisenberg had a successful career in the corporate world, but he didn’t want a life controlled by corporations.

So with a background in mergers and acquisitions, he partnered with Bud Aspatore in 1995 to form Amherst Partners LLC, an investment banking and turnaround management firm.

Eisenberg and Aspatore have worked relentlessly to promote their company and have created a vision statement for the next five years.

With offices in Birmingham, Mich., Ann Arbor, Mich., and Chicago, their goals include adding offices in the Midwest, revenue growth of 300 percent and adding 50 to 75 employees to Amherst Partners’ current 15.

And the company’s co-founders are willing to take risks to succeed.

“There was a point where it looked like we would not make it,” Eisenberg says. “But we were not going to let failing be an option, and persevered. We took the risks and have ultimately done well in an industry and an environment where many do not succeed. .... Some of it has worked well, some not as well. But without trying, we do not have the chance to grow.”

Eisenberg and Aspatore plan to continue to focus the company on networking and building the enterprise value of the firm and investing money back into the company as it is earned.

Eisenberg and Aspatore emphasize that family comes first. They encourage team members to be involved in the community and they support employees’ involvement in opportunities for which they have a passion.

HOW TO REACH: Amherst Partners LLC, (248) 642-5660