Turnaround Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

When Andrew Greenlee joined US Farathane Corp. as director of sales more than 11 years ago, the company was in disarray.

It had no strategic focus, and there was no accountability at any level. Turnover was high, mismanagement had fractured the corporate culture and employees didn’t believe in the company, in management or in the ownership.

Greenlee began to address these problems by learning the business, working on the manufacturing floor to determine what changes needed to be made to turn the company around. He suggested to the owner changes such as more collaboration among sales, marketing,engineeringandmanufacturing,andthe needtoacquiretalented,motivatedemployees. He also focused on developing relations with vendors and suppliers to increase efficiency in the manufacturing process and to bring in more work.

And he convinced the reluctant owner to divest the company of its negative margin urethane business before moving on to suggesting acquisitions that would add value to the company.

Today, US Farathane leads the automotive market in the development and manufacture of highly engineered plastic parts and materials, and the company is thriving with Greenlee as its president and CEO. Sales are steadily increasing, and the company’s more than 900 employees work out of eight locations. Greenlee has reduced US Farathane’s debt, eliminated unprofitable product lines and lowered employee turnover.

As a result, the company is now an industry leader and has regained its credibility in the industry and with its employees, its bank and its board of directors.

HOW TO REACH: US Farathane Corp., www.usfarathane.com or (586) 978-2800