Caring for clients Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Information Technology

Keeping in line with his company motto, Jim Giordano will do “whatever it takes” to keep customers satisfied.

Giordano, president and CEO of health care IT and Web services provider CareTech Solutions Inc., regularly encourages his team with other motivational quotes. But it’s his actions — demonstrating his vision, leadership and commitment to customer service — that really inspire his employees to exceed the average.

Giordano regularly travels to meet with each of his clients, making sure that CareTech exceeds their expectations. That commitment is mirrored in his employees, who have stayed on-site at hospitals during power outages, carrying supplies up flights of stairs to keep operations on track in emergency situations.

In addition, CareTech recently completed installing a new technology platform for a client over a weekend — a project that a major multinational corporation told the client would take months. The team returned to the site on Monday to a standing ovation from the employees.

With that level of service, CareTech consistently places significantly higher than its larger competitors in industry rankings. Once, a survey administrator even contacted additional customer service representatives to confirm that the scores had been accurately reported.

To keep that level of service high, Giordano rewards employees who go above and beyond with “Whatever it Takes” awards, as well as other recognition throughout the company. His dedication and commitment to customer service have grown CareTech from a single contract in Michigan in 1999 to more than 20 throughout the country today. In fact, every one of its clients has renewed its contract.

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