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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Marketing, Media and Entertainment

It’s true that Joy Gendusa dropped out of high school. But that didn’t stop her from striving for success.

As the daughter of a successful entrepreneur, Gendusa possessed business acumen, a strong work ethic, high energy and contagious enthusiasm. She had taught herself word processing and took on temp jobs hoping to improve her earning potential, experiences that served her well when she started her own business.

It was soon after the birth of her first son that Gendusa ordered postcards to promote her company, Joy Rockwell Enterprises Inc. Disappointed with the quality of the product, Gendusa decided in 1998 to launch a postcard company that would market to general businesses. She believed that her relationship with printers through her first company would help her succeed with PostcardMania.

Gendusa sought to be unique with her company by providing clients with free marketing advice. And her company became the first to promote directly to the end user, and then added direct mail services.

As her company continued to grow, she realized she could create greater efficiencies and reduce the cost of postcards by bringing the printing function in house. So in 2003, she bought a cutter, a laminator and a printing press to increase production from one run of postcards a week to 40 runs a week.

As the postcard business continued to grow, Gendusa remained committed to educating her clients about the value of strategic marketing. She relates marketing stories in her newsletter, hosts a blog containing successful marketing tips and tools, and sends out free, industry-specific, direct-mail marketing reports.

Her continued commitment to giving her customers the most comprehensive service possible has enabled PostcardMania Inc. to become one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.

How to reach: Postcard Mania Inc., (800) 628-1804 or