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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Distribution and Manufacturing

Paul H. Stebbins and Michael J. Kasbar had been down this road before, so they knew where it could lead. The company they founded in 1985, Trans-Tec Services Inc., had just been sold to World Fuel Services Corp.

Stebbins and Kasbar had built Trans-Tec from the ground up, transcending what had been a contentious marine fuel industry into one that heightened the standards of professionalism for everyone in the sector. They recognized early on that they had a connection, a common view of how a business should operate to best serve its customers.

When they sold Trans-Tec to World Fuel Services in 1995, they took the majority of their consideration in stock. It was a risk, but the duo was intent on transforming World Fuel Services in the same way they had changed the industry through Trans-Tec.

Stebbins and Kasbar grew in their new surroundings by consistently sharing their ideals on customer service and operational excellence. In the three years following the acquisition, sales in their division tripled, and operating income quadrupled.

By July 2002, the duo had taken over the reins at World Fuel Services and have since created a global team of passionate people committed to a shared sense of mission. Stebbins and Kasbar have infused a willingness to take risks and make mistakes in the pursuit of excellence that has World Fuel Services continuing to grow and innovate.

Employees are seeing this and are encouraged to do whatever they can to serve the customer.

By conveying this message in a clear manner to their people across the world, the leaders have earned the trust of their suppliers and customers.

How to reach: World Fuel Services Corp., (305) 428-8000 or www.wfscorp.com