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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Health Services

Jacob Beckel thought he had had enough of the business world when he sold his interest in MP TotalCare in 1997 and retired.

But it didn’t take long for him to start missing the challenge that work provided, and soon, he launched Genesis Pharmacy Services. His mission was partly to fill an entrepreneurial need, but perhaps more important, he wanted to provide a remedy for his wife’s health concerns.

After going into early menopause, his wife was treated with several prescribed therapies that did not relieve her symptoms. The mission of Genesis was to provide natural hormone replacement to menopausal women. It worked with his wife, and Beckel was determined to help other women avoid the discomfort that his wife had endured.

Beckel convinced a pharmacy owner to merge his company with Genesis, adding expertise in pain management and nuclear medicine to this company’s offerings. In 2004, the company became AnazaoHealth Corp., employing professionals whose mission is to create and provide the most powerful innovations in healing.

Anazao does not create medications but rather transforms FDA-approved medications to better aid in patient recovery. It also creates better technologies for medication delivery to the patient and into the body.

Beckel’s drive for success forced him to become creative, and he also wanted to be creative with his company’s name. The translation of the Greek word “anazao” is “to come to life again.” By putting his heart and soul into the business, Anazao has become one of the largest providers of specific custom therapies for pain management.

Beckel has also turned his success into help for others, giving 10 percent of his profits to charity and giving employees 40 paid hours per year to give their time to philanthropic endeavors.

How to reach: AnazaoHealth Corp., (800) 995-4363 or