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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Health Services

There were times when Ron Roma wondered if he was the only one who could see the benefits of technology. He saw it in pharmacy school and after he graduated, but the pharmacy industry didn’t seem to be catching on.

Eventually, the industry would learn, however, as Roma took the initiative to start Prospective Health Inc., which brought technology to pharmacy, and Healthesystems LLC, which made the workers’ compensation industry a whole lot easier to figure out.

Roma personally invested his own funds at Healthesystems, and to date, the company has not had any outstanding debt. The company has been able to address many of the complexities that often make workers’ compensation claims so difficult to understand.

His company provides tailored services to its clients, providing solutions that meet their concerns and save them time.

While Roma has clearly invested a lot of time and effort into his company as founder and CEO, he believes his employees have given even more. He keeps them in mind for every decision he makes and is willing to say no if he doesn’t see a deal as a good one for his organization.

He also realizes the place of his customers in his success and thus sees them as the critical piece that they are. Roma wholeheartedly believes that there is no better compliment than for a prospective customer to say, “I choose you.”

He understands the trust that a customer is putting in him when they choose his company. Roma also believes in finding the positive in any challenge that he takes on. In other words, he’s all about finding a solution to the problem rather than complaining about why something isn’t being done.

It’s that philosophy that has served him well at Healthesystems.

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