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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Award Recipient
Real Estate and Construction Services

Chaim Katzman has an unrelenting desire to learn about and master things that he does not understand. When he first visited the U.S. from his native Israel as a struggling real estate attorney, he was intrigued by something with which he did not have a lot of experience.

He wanted to learn more about real estate finance, a concept that was largely unknown back in Israel.

Katzman, who today serves as chairman of Gazit-Globe Ltd., learned about this concept and prepared himself to return to Israel and pioneer the real estate finance industry. He went on to structure the first securitization transaction and worked with the Hungarian government to establish a mortgage market for that country and to facilitate the opening of the Hungarian stock exchange.

Katzman began commuting between the U.S. and Israel to publicize his forward-thinking ideas to those who would listen. Katzman believes in empowering those around him and in promoting the idea of entrepreneurialism.

Katzman hosts an annual brainstorming conference in which leaders meet to share ideas and take part in team-building activities. He is always looking to help others acquire knowledge and fulfill their talents in his organization.

The hard work at Gazit-Globe also extends to community service, which Katzman and his family also practice in their home life. Katzman’s wife, Dr. Shulamit Katzman, was recently honored by Larger than Life, an organization devoted to helping Palestinian and Israeli children fight cancer.

Katzman is an active civic leader supporting multiple organizations in both the U.S. and Israel. He contributes funding and serves in leadership roles, offering his time and talents to help these organizations accomplish their goals.

How to reach: Gazit-Globe Ltd., (305) 947-8800 or