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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

Ron Brittian tried to retire three times since the mid-1980s, but great opportunities keep calling him back to business.

He’s tallied more than 40 years of information technology experience, including the position of executive president at Texas Instruments Software and other leadership positions in Fortune 1000 companies. He founded several category leaders, including Citrix and Fuego. All of that experience made him a prime candidate for a venture capital firm, providing him the opportunity to be involved in the start up of several innovative technology companies. He currently serves as an executive/investor for five entrepreneurial ventures and an adviser for three others.

Witnessing the explosion of the Internet and e-commerce, Brittian recognized the need for increased online security to protect businesses and consumers against identity theft. In 2006, a casual conversation about online risks with his business partner, Felix Racca, turned into a business plan for founding AuthenWare Corp. and developing AuthenTest software. The software, which has racked up 60 million users, provides security for sensitive data, gathering biometric information from an authorized user, like keystroke speeds and normal transaction amounts.

Brittian, chairman and CEO, has zeroed in on two keys to success in a high-tech company: identifying market opportunities and building a solid team of technical talent. His plan from the beginning was to distribute AuthenWare products internationally, leveraging on his business partner’s connections in Europe and South America. On the talent side, each of his employees has at least 10 years of experience in specific areas of expertise, like technology research and development and Internet security system sales. Those employees are empowered as part owners, and they can earn more company stock through a bonus incentive program.

How to reach: AuthenWare Corp., (305) 377-8768 or