The 21st century illness Featured

9:48am EDT May 2, 2011
The 21st century illness

Most every individual and family is acutely aware of the substantial loss of free time since the late 1990’s. According to Carolyn J. Harbert, the president of OHMISS Concierge, this is called the 21st century illness.

The symptoms of this illness are as follows:

  • Frantic overworked employees who believe this is the path to the true American dream.  The offset: No time for much else, even participating in family events.

  • The All-American family that must have everything and be everything. Primarily a mother’s activities, a non stop movement to keep the home looking great, the kids’ activities involving the mommy mobile, community organizations, schools, etc.

  • Community activities have gotten completely out of control for many families in matters of time and financial commitments. Join one and the invitations become never ending. If you perform, you’ll be lucky enough to become a hard working volunteer member on the board.

  • Note on little league sports: Big problem, and lots of pressure on Dad and Mom to participate.

This may be just exactly what you want and represents an important ingredient in your work ethic and sense of self worth. Now what happens to the “lesser” to dos? OH MISS Concierge will gather those that you are less inclined to do and find the alternative solution.

You are now on your way to finding the time for what is really important and can not be retrieved once gone.

Having experienced lives with little or no balance, we have become seriously aware of what we call the 21st century illness: the lack of time to recreate, rest, nap, love and enjoy time with your family.

Let OH MISS manage lesser issues that don’t involve you in your fundamental careers or group activities. Take time to recharge your batteries — read a book, go on a cruise, take a week to visit your children or grandchildren.

OH MISS can arrange the most desirable transportation, and watch your home by doing all the ancillary things such as bringing in the mail and newspapers, paying bills and caring for pets by visiting during the day, all assuring your home is secure and giving the appearance of being occupied.

Carolyn J. Harbert is the president of OHMISS Concierge. Reach her at (813) 636-9700 or