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8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011

[caption id="attachment_32516" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="John Duffy, founder and CEO, 3Cinteractive"]


John Duffy could give you his elevator speech about how his company, 3Cinteractive, provides businesses with mobile software and service solutions to help them communicate with consumers. Or more simply, he would tell you his company’s product is “Our people and their ideas.”

Having begun his career working at two successful entrepreneurial companies, Duffy was able to learn early from business experiences and mentors the vision it takes to succeed as a startup business. There isn’t an aspect of 3Cinteractive — known as 3Ci by Duffy and his team — that doesn’t lend itself to innovative thinking and opportunities to create something better. In fact, the only rule for employees at 3Ci is simple: Respect one another.

Duffy understands that mobile technology is still a new area of investment for many companies. So when launching the company, he knew he didn’t want to pitch a “canned” product to customers. Rather, he saw the chance to create mobile solutions for customers that took into account their existing infrastructure and long-term interests and give them the best opportunities to reach their specific goals. With 3Ci, he makes it a point to avoid following trends in mobile technologies. While he wants his people to look for new and unique opportunities, Duffy also focuses on creating solutions that are realistic for customers. Instead of just offering one-size-fits-all products, he works with his team to develop and engineer tailored, innovative mobile strategies for every customer.

As founder and CEO of 3Ci, Duffy has grown his staff from six employees processing around 1 million mobile transactions to 110 employees processing more than 5 billion transactions in 2010. Going forward, the footprint Duffy and his team have created continues to grow as more and more customers seek out 3Ci to further their goals with mobile technology solutions.

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