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8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Ideas in motion

When he first started building a customer base for MotionPoint Corp., Will Fleming was used to hearing a lot of “no’s,” mainly from companies he wanted as customers. Yet despite that initial exertion, as CEO of the company, Fleming has succeeded in turning many of those initial rejections into sales by always finding new ways to better serve customers’ needs and interests.

Fleming and his MotionPoint co-founder, Adam Rubenstein, created the company when they were looking for ways to capitalize on the potential of the Internet. The partners saw that it represented a way for business owners to reach large populations of people faster and simpler than other media. Based on that notion, they developed the idea to create online brochures in multiple languages so companies could reach a more diverse audience of consumers. The problem was, with such a new idea they had trouble translating any initial interest into an actual investment in the product.

But hearing companies say no just spurred Fleming on. After doing more research and talking to customers, he soon came up with a new focus for MotionPoint that took the previous idea a step further. Instead of developing online brochures, Fleming would help companies translate their actual Web pages into different languages. He patented new technologies to support the offering, which simplified the IT coding and development for business to also make in an affordable IT investment that would be easy to maintain. Today, with many customers and widespread success, Fleming continues to listen to his customers and to the market, ensuring his customers have website content that is always improving to meet their needs and needs of their consumers.

In a recent interview, Fleming said, “Negative feedback is often the strongest sign you are onto something.” By learning from that feedback, he continues to turn a “no” into a customer.

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