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8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Healing approach

James Patrick was the first of his family to attend college. He earned his way through Boston University on a full NCAA football scholarship where he graduated cum laude. He attended law school, and by age 32, he opened his own law firm in California and thus began his entrepreneurial journey.

While in California, Patrick met two people who had previously built successful companies that provided health care services. Patrick had no business experience much less health care business experience. However, he had personally observed patients suffering from chronic wounds and how ineffective the current health care delivery model was.

Patrick and his two new partners all recognized the dysfunctional state of wound care in America and agreed that a patient-focused, coordinated approach was needed to replace the current model. They decided to form National Healing Corp., a health care service provider that focused on best practices and outcome-driven care. Patrick, CEO of National Healing, even turned down an offer from Wal-Mart to lead as its international counsel so he could help form this new business.

Utilizing a best-practices approach, National Healing provides whatever therapy works best for the patient from an outcome standpoint and incorporates that into the clinical plan with a focus on coordination of care. From the original center in Florida, National Healing has grown to manage approximately 160 centers in 33 states and is still growing.

The company is the second-largest wound care management company in America. All of the company’s growth has been organic except for one small acquisition. No other company in the industry has grown organically as fast and as far as National Healing. More than 600,000 people have had their lives dramatically improved by advances in wound care pioneered by James Patrick and National Healing.

The vision for the company is to continue to expand its business by further developing its mail-order supply business, its community wound care service and continuing to build its core base with community hospitals.

HOW TO REACH: National Healing Corp., (888) 332-0202 or www.nationalhealing.com