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8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
In one stroke

Mark Llano decided that after serving as an investment banker on Wall Street, he would like to start a business to give back to his country and to the armed forces personnel who taught him the meaning of integrity and discipline. So he founded Source One Distributors Inc. to provide solutions to the industries of defense, national security, law enforcement, search and rescue, and fire and safety.

One key service that Source One offers is to save clients the hassle of dealing with many vendors on projects. The company procures the equipment from each vendor, bundles it for shipping and even advises clients on the best equipment for the project.

To facilitate this, Source One has highly qualified people in each of its departments, ranging from former members of the armed forces to advise customers, to top-notch analysts to mine meaningful data, to the best sales personnel to grow the business.

Llano, president and CEO, believes that by surrounding himself with competent people, it enables him to employ his strategy of delegation, compensation and evacuation. In this way, he establishes the boundaries for employees to operate in, entrusting them to accomplish their goals so he can move on to the next opportunity.

Source One has also received awards for innovation for developing products, such as body armor that protects soldiers from side shots.

Llano is also committed to supporting community efforts such as donations to Operation Homefront, which helps soldiers travel to see their families, and is an adviser to the Florida Defense Alliance.

And to keep his military blood pumping, he rides with the Palm Beach County SWAT team on occasion, giving him a chance to get back to his Marine Corps service, including time in Operation Desert Storm from 1990-91.

How to reach: Source One Distributors Inc., (866) 768-4327 or