Uplifting experience Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Uplifting experience

A.D. “Sandy” MacKinnon had risen quickly through the ranks at Yale Materials Handling Corp. Hired as a sales trainee in 1964, he had risen to national sales manager by 1980. He traveled the country, helping to save failing forklift dealerships by retraining the staff. Often, his efforts helped those failing dealerships to become top performers.

But MacKinnon grew tired of the travel and constant moving. He wanted to feel a personal connection to the success he was achieving at the dealerships he was turning around.

He went to Yale’s leadership with a proposal: sell him the worst-performing dealership or accept his resignation. Yale executives agreed to keep him in the company and sold him Yale Lift Trucks of Tampa, which is now Yale Lift Trucks of Florida and Georgia. MacKinnon serves as founder and CEO.

In 1981, MacKinnon and his family moved to Tampa, and began the legacy that he has strived to build his entire working life. Much of MacKinnon’s corporate leadership centers on his desire to train and promote from within. His vice president controller was once a receivables collections staff member, another executive rose from the service technician ranks, and another from parts runner. Through MacKinnon’s belief in development of people, he has enjoyed remarkably low employee turnover.

With a growth-focused work force, MacKinnon has gone on to purchase several other Yale dealerships and outside businesses to comprise what is now Yale Lift Trucks of Florida and Georgia. While he believes in the value of fiscal conservatism, he still maintains his entrepreneurial quest. Through all the years of growth and acquisitions, he has maintained strong balance sheets and demonstrated fiscal responsibility. Yale Lift Trucks of Florida and Georgia has no outstanding debt and all properties were paid for and are owned outright by MacKinnon. He is poised for future growth as opportunities arise.

How to reach: Yale Lift Trucks of Florida and Georgia, (877) 605-9502 or www.yaleflorida.com