How Dr. Stephen C. Vogt turned a childhood gift into a passion to improve quality of life at BioPlus Featured

8:00pm EDT June 30, 2013
Dr. Stephen C. Vogt CEO and founder BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Services Inc. Dr. Stephen C. Vogt CEO and founder BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Services Inc.

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Dr. Stephen C. Vogt

CEO and founder

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Services Inc.

It was just a gift from a neighbor, but it sparked in Dr. Stephen C. Vogt a passion for science that continues to this day. The gift was a chemistry set, and it set Vogt forth on a career path of innovation and success that would have a sustaining impact on the world of science.

After finishing pharmacy school, Vogt found his calling as not only an aspiring pharmacist, but as a thriving entrepreneur in the medical practice. He was one of the first pharmacists to be recognized as a board-certified nutrition-support pharmacist. Vogt helped pioneer the fields of intravenous home care and specialty pharmacy services.

He founded BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy with the goal of building a specialty pharmacy that went beyond simply providing biological medicines. The CEO and founder wanted to build a company that treats patients with individual pharmaceutical care plans to make sure that their biological specialty medicines have the best possible outcomes.

He wants the culture at BioPlus to be based on “a meaningful purpose-driven life.” Vogt interviews each employee not just to make sure they are qualified, but to judge the behavior and personality of the individual to ensure commitment to the core values of the company.

It’s that sense of purpose that drove the creation of a patient care portal that will provide patients with access to the same records physicians use to track medical progress and history. The innovation will revamp the way patients and doctors interact and will also allow transparency in the patient/doctor relationship.

BioPlus always has its patients in mind and nowhere was this more evident than in the wake of Superstorm Sandy in late 2012. Through proactive planning and quick response to the chaos that comes with such a disaster, patients received the medicine they needed. It should be noted that the actions were not initiated by Vogt, proof that his team was on top of its game.

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