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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
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Charles C. Appleby has never believed in the idea of seeking more power.

Instead, one of the keys to his business model is the belief that decentralizing operations empowers the people who make operating decisions and gives them the chance to reach their full potential and act as entrepreneurs.

It is with this style that Appleby, now chairman and CEO, has led Advanced Disposal Services Inc. By having a decentralized local business model, decisions can be made at each location based on current market conditions, allowing him to respond to opportunities as they arise.

Appleby joined Advanced Disposal in 1996 when his private investment company acquired the small waste disposal business.

By 2000, he was president of Advanced Disposal and was going to road shows in hopes of raising capital and was also working with the company’s banks to convince them to not call on its debt until it had secured more capital.

It was during this time, in 2002, when Appleby was stricken with colon cancer. This hardly slowed him down, however, and he continued working the phones and raising the capital he needed while undergoing chemotherapy.

Appleby has always been proactive in facing challenges such as finding other methods of disposing of waste. In addition to waste, Advanced Disposal collects, processes and disposes of recyclables and is exploring technologies such as the mining of landfill gas.

While the waste business is considered a dirty business, Appleby is proud to be one of the leaders in making the waste industry one of the leading promoters of environmental protection and safety.

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