Following his dream Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Health Services

It’s a motto that Rafael Pedro Perez has followed for his whole life: Pursue your priorities first; the rest will follow. And one of his priorities was to one day work with his younger brother.

Perez spent time in various positions, preparing himself for this future and asking a lot of questions. He showed enthusiasm and devotion, working his way up to a management position overseeing 2,000 people at Humana, all in preparation for the day when he would have his own business. And he earned his business and pharmacy degrees to give himself the business and technical skills he needed to succeed in the health care industry.

Finally, Perez was ready to open his own health insurance company, Medica HealthCare Plans Inc. The start was not easy, and Perez had to endure a few years without a salary to get things going, learning along the way who his true friends were now that he wasn’t a top executive.

Although he struggled, he knew that by providing tremendous service to his customers, he could make it happen. He made himself available to physicians, employees, members of his insurance plans and providers. And because his family was important to him, he did his best to provide that same level of caring to the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who walked through his door.

It is this relentless enthusiasm that helped Perez succeed. In the future, Medica HealthCare will expand into other parts of Florida, but Perez says that, for now, it will maintain its focus on South Florida.

In addition to building a strong and successful business, Perez also wanted to work with his younger brother. And he has succeeded there, as well, as his brother indeed works with Perez, serving in the role of chief financial officer.

How to reach: Medica HealthCare Plans Inc., (800) 407-9069 or