Reaching high for success Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Real Estate and Construction

Marc C. Ganzi could have remained a part of his family’s business, the Palm Restaurant in Florida. He could have pursued a career at another established corporation and climbed the ladder to the top.

But Ganzi didn’t go to the Wharton School of Business and earn a degree in entrepreneurial management to do either of those things. Instead, he wanted to build something from the ground up and put his personal stamp on it.

His path to Global Tower Partners began with one of his first businesses, DB Partners. When DB lost a major bid to restructure a bankrupt telecommunications tower company at the last minute, Ganzi became enticed at the business model. He saw opportunity in the then-downtrodden telecom sector and wanted to turn this failure into a success of his own.

Ganzi founded Global Tower Partners in 2002, and the business began to take off a year later when the company acquired 300 towers. It has continued to build and acquire towers and now owns more than 1,500 towers and 3,000 rooftop tower sites.

Ganzi prides himself on offering customer service that is fast, friendly and flexible. Turnaround time with the company’s customers is a key benchmark for Ganzi, one that he strives to keep as short as possible.

Employees are also a priority at Global Tower as Ganzi pays 100 percent of all employee medical and dental premiums, including those for family members. A tuition reimbursement program gives employees the chance to advance their education and a bonus plan rewards those who help the company succeed.

How to reach: Global Tower Partners, (866) 487-8977 or