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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Award Recipient

As chairman and CEO, Daniel J. Devine has created a culture at Compass Knowledge Group that is the result of extensive development work.

The company, which provides distance learning solutions, established service standards based on integrity, courtesy, quality and efficiency.

By incorporating these standards into the daily activities of the company, Devine believes that clients, employees and the company will all prosper. There should be a four-way win in business: If employees are happy, the students have exemplary educational opportunities and knowledge partners enjoy a quality partnership experience, then Compass Knowledge Group will have a healthy bottom line. His beliefs have taken the company from near bankruptcy to record levels of income.

He also believes that education is key to our nation’s success and wants to take advantage of technological advances, such as the Internet.

One of the initiatives he has undertaken is establishing a consulting division within the company with the sole purpose of helping traditional institutions accurately assess their options in competing in the online marketplace. By offering universities an all-inclusive option (market research, implementation strategies and product development), the process is streamlined and cost-effective.

Devine also created teams within the company that service each university. Teams were created in order to align the university’s culture with that of the Compass employees providing the service; he considers this an effective tool in attracting students who do not differentiate between Compass and the university’s employees.

With these initiatives, he is able to provide traditional education institutions the ability to generate alternate sources of revenue. This approach has led to partnerships with institutions like the University of Florida, Boston University, the University of Cincinnati and Northwestern University.

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