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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Award Recipient
Distribution, Manufacturing and Defense

Gregory Celestan has a passion for success, but it’s not his own personal victories that make him most proud. Rather, it’s the success of Celestar Corp., the company’s employees and the people whom they help that brings a smile to his face.

Celestan is a military veteran, having served more than 20 years after graduating from West Point.

Among the many things he did, Celestan worked to develop actionable intelligence for high-value Al-Qaida and Taliban terrorist targets. When he left the service, he faced a choice: Take a stable corporate job in the defense industry or start his own company.

Celestan chose the challenging option and decided he could build an organization that would offer consulting services to the federal government in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner than anyone else could.

He launched the business from scratch, starting it in his bedroom with the bed he and his wife share serving as his desk. But the organization took off and Celestan, learning along the way, built a business that could truly help people.

One of the keys to the success at Celestar is the humility of its chairman and CEO. Every person in his company is valued and often personally recognized for his or her contribution and the part each person plays in making things go. The boost that provides employees and the empowerment it generates is a key factor in Celestar’s success.

The opportunity to keep growing was a choice that Celestan gave to his people. He offered the chance to remain a small organization or strive to be the best, adding that choosing the second option would mean a lot of hard work.

Employees indicated they were prepared to give it their all and the results make it clear they meant it.

How to reach: Celestar Corp., (813) 627-9069 or www.celestarcorp.com