Gnip to deliver archive of public historical twitter data to the U.S. Library of Congress

BOULDER, Colo. ― Gnip, Inc., the leading provider of social media data for enterprise applications, today announced it has partnered with Twitter and the U.S. Library of Congress to provide the entire archive of public historical Tweets for non-commercial research use.

The Library of Congress announced in April 2010 that public historical Twitter data will be donated by Twitter and made available as part of the Library of Congress archives. Gnip, Twitter’s data delivery partner since November 2010, has been appointed to manage the receipt of the historical data from Twitter and facilitate its delivery to the Library of Congress.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to facilitate a project of such magnitude and historical significance,” said Jud Valeski, CEO of Gnip. “Twitter has become a primary communication channel in our culture, with more and more of the world’s events transpiring and being reported on the platform everyday. Through our partnership with Twitter and the Library of Congress, we will facilitate the preservation of all Tweets throughout history and ensure that our children and our children’s children will be able to access this historical record of communication.”

Through this initiative, Gnip will deliver a data archive of all public historical and future Tweets. To date, this is the largest public social media data delivery undertaking in terms of both historical significance and technical magnitude, as Tweets are already generated at a rate of more than one billion every week and increasing.

The data will include public Tweets from the time Twitter was founded and into the future, with a window of six months between the original date of a Tweet and its date of public availability for research use. Private data, deleted Tweets, and data linked from Tweets (such as websites) will not be part of the archive.

When made public, the Twitter data will be available to researchers at no cost from the Library of Congress’ data archive. The archive is not intended to be licensed for commercial purposes. However, Gnip sells API access to premium, full coverage, realtime Twitter data for non-public display use, including commercial purposes.